Caballero Wear creates footwear and leather goods that are handmade in Colombia by some of the most talented artisan shoemakers using only premium leathers and fabrics. Caballero Wear collection offers a diverse range of style, from casual to formal. The shoes are designed to seamlessly take any man from day to night without losing the refined sophistication of a well-planned outfit. There is something for everyone, and Caballero Wear is always thinking fashion forward and is ready to take on even the most eccentric of gentlemen.

At Caballero Wear we believe that when you strive to be the best version of yourselves you open a whole new realm of possibilities.

Caballero Wear is set out to make shoes for those entrepreneurs, professionals, artist, musicians, cooks, individuals who are up to something big. Who has dreams, desires, and are willing to do anything to obtain them. Caballero Wear handcrafts and designs every collection with the intention of inspiring others to reach the pinnacle of their potential.

Caballero Wear knows that every shoe that a man chooses to wear makes a statement about who he is, and where he is going. Caballero Wear has focused their efforts on the most complimentary piece of a gentleman's outfit, his footwear. In an outfit that is well put together, the footwear is often the first thing to be acknowledged, and for this purpose, Caballero Wear started with footwear.


Caballero Wear Price



All shoes are handmade by some of the best shoemakers in the world using different techniques and constructions, from Cemented to Blake stitched. 

1. Caballero Lasts

Comfort is extremely important to us. 

Our lasts were engineered utilizing modern technology to make the most comfortable shoe possible.   


1. Leathers

Our leathers are from the best Colombian tanneries. Tanneries in which are currently used as a primary resource to feed Europe's fashion driven countries.

2. Colors

You can count on never having a dull moment when you wear Caballero. You will be amazed at the number of compliments you will receive daily, and the opportunities that occur by those interactions. I’ve met some amazing people, and it all started with a small comment such as “I love your shoes.” Think back, when was the last time someone complemented you on the shoes you were wearing?

3. Soles

Just like our shoes, our soles are diverse. We use a variety of premium materials to create not only vibrant, colorful & extremely lightweight, but that also provide excellent grip, stability, and durability.